Few brunches in this city have more arguments than the one held in mid-January at Anita Flow. A plan packed with brunch, top croquettes, art on the walls and a second-hand market run by various fashion references in Barcelona.


The amount of things that can happen in Anita in a single day!

Recently, I gave you four reasons to visit us and you proved me right with an attendance that forced the market to be an hour longer than expected… Wow!

Let’s recap. It was the Brunch & Kloset Sale on Sunday 19 January, an event for second-hand clothes and sustainability lovers: very unique and fast fashion free. With stalls of clothes, accessories and other things from various local influencers starting at 5 euros. These were the first two reasons.

At the same time, the market was joined by the last weekend of the international croquettes week and the fabulous exhibition of the illustrator Javier Pacheco were still available. These were the other two reasons to come.

Maybe that’s why you made this brunch a success in terms of attendance to the point that the service was sold out and we had to extend the event until four o’clock in the afternoon.

I have to admit that we felt a bit of a rush seeing how you curious about the clothes with one hand while, with the other, you plugged a chicken croquette with piparras mayonnaise. Or maybe you wanted to try on your clothes with a full belly to make sure they really fit 😉

In case you missed it, here are the profiles of the Brunch & Kloset Sale vendors for you to follow:

– Olivia Rose Also you can’t miss this post from my lovely friend, I love it!

– Brigitte Desanne

– Mislene Montoro

– Gema Ruiz Utiel

– Paula

– Isa

Thank you all very much for participating and see you in the next edition of the Brunch & Kloset Sale 💚

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