Almost everything goes In Anita Flow as long as the progressive, cultural and integrative vocation prevails, since those are the basis of my way of understanding life.

I strongly believe that beauty, aesthetics and fashion manifest themselves in many different ways. Sometimes unexpectedly; sometimes breaking all known conventions; but always in a revealing manner of some sort.

That’s why I was inspired to host the Curvy Fashion Model 2019 after party at the restaurant. This event, although private, is worth knowing.

This project promotes the presence of professional models whose beauty goes beyond the slim sizes of the fast fashion centers – and the not-so-fast ones – to make them a constant in the fashion world. This year’s gala took place in Barcelona and, the subsequent celebration, was held at my crib. We could not be happier.

Faithful to our spirit we prepared an afterparty with class, flavour and style. A demonstration of beauty to see, eat and drink that we share with the finalist models and some fashion personalities. A true feast for the senses.

Sharing this party with the Curvy Fashion Model has been an inspiration. Anita Flow is a place for love, beauty and delicious snacks and we will always welcome with open arms people who fight for the same as us.

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