Here we are, my dears, about to end the decade. Ten years, almost nothing. This New Year’s Eve we close 2019 along with every year of the 2010’s.
It’s very exciting!

It’s been a fun few years and hopefully with lots of amazing things for ever yone. Although the next few years could well be the last ten -until the planet holds out- I have high hopes for the new 20’s and the things yet to achieve.

This is my plan. One that could only come from a restaurantur like me. I’ve researched fun year – end traditions that have a close relationship with food. Forget about the colorful underwear and good resolution lists. There’s only one thing you can do -or not do- at Anita Flow. The idea is for the restaurant to become a hotbed of good vibes for the best decade of our lives.

The first one is easy; you just have to binge at the end of the year. That’s how it’s done in Estonia, a big feast until you unbutton your trouser button.

– Possible in Anita? Yes, of course, “eat a lot and eat well” is a clear definition of our philosophy. 

Of course, sweets play an important role in many of these customs. In Spain, apart from the lucky grapes, we have an unspoken tradition of recovering strength when returning from a party with delicious chocolate with churros. Ideal to counteract the hangover.

– Possible in Anita? Of course! On the breakfast menu we have the best chocolate with churros in town.

Another very curious one is the Bolivian custom of preparing cakes with coins inside that, if they touch you, will bring you very good luck.

– Possible in Anita? No way, the money’s full of germs, it’s damn filthy.

If it’s money you’re interested in, superstition in the Philippines says that round shapes reminiscent of coins attract wealth. So surrounding yourself with round things is the best way to start the year: tacos, tomatoes, plates, cookies, fruit, pizza! Anything goes.

– Possible in Anita? Both in the menu and the spaces you can found round things. Choose according to a criterion of circumference and your future will be written in gold letters.

In case you didn’t know, bad spirits hate it when things are thrown. Good ways to keep bad vibes away are the traditions of throwing bread against walls in Ireland, and breaking plates in Denmark. That kind of violence force the spirits to keep their distance for the whole year.

– Possible in Anita? The bread, if it’s clean and we don’t see you, you can throw it wherever you want. The dishes… well, up to you, if you decide to break them despite of the wonderful food I will have brought you, maybe you are the evil spirit after all.

I saved the prettiest one for last. The prediction of the apple, typical of the Czech Republic. Just cut an apple in half horizontally and see the shape of the heart. Almost like a fortune cookie! If you see a star-shaped silhouette, your year will be wonderful, but if it’s a cross, well… maybe not so much.

– Possible in Anita? Sure, we always have fresh fruit so ask for an apple and a knife and good luck! Just keep in mind that if you get a cross you’ll have to ask -and pay- for another apple. With these tricks we can make sure that we start the year, at least, having fun with the people we love. Luck, of course, is guaranteed. But with our fingers crossed, just in case.

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