Did Valentine’s Day caught you without a partner? Don’t worry, because I have a plan which ranges from romantic to exciting and will cheer up all of you who have let the most “romantic night of the year”.
In the midst of all the red roses and heart-shaped chocolates cliches there’s also my team, those of us who believe in free love and for whom Valentine’s Day remains small. So it’s up to us to make a move and do our best to make sure that love reaches as many people as possible.

Recovering from this weekend’s romantic-sweetened hangover will be easier with a fresh, orgasmic and exciting Speed Date!

Thinking about how to overcome the limits of affection, it occurred to me to turn the restaurant into an experimental space of love and love mix. In other words, I want to make my own version of an analog Tinder.

See anyone you like? Don’t be shy and go for it. Are you looking for a threesome? Try saying it up front, you never know. You want a friend to do embroidery together? Bring your sock, and try to convince someone. If everything goes wrong you can always stay for a nice meal.

This first Speed Date will turn Anita Flow into a place where first impressions match live and the quality of relationships is measured in real conversations. After Valentine’s Day, talk to your crush – next Tuesday you have the perfect excuse!

I’ll take care of the music, special promotions and ice-breaking combos. One aphrodisiac of oysters and champagne and another more casual, of homemade croquette and beer in case you need to slow things down. Both at the amazing price of 5 euros.

Don’t miss the Speed Date on Tuesday the 18th from 8pm. Sign up by writing a DM for Instagram or Facebook at @anitaflowbcn

Keep one thing in mind when you’re deciding about coming… Anita’s clientele is the sexiest in all of Barcelona and that includes you 😉

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